What to know before you purchase

What to know before you purchase

What does it mean to be a pre-order marketplace?

Nineteenth Amendment is a pre-order marketplace where shoppers can vote with their wallet on the next big name in fashion. This means our brands carry no or limited inventory and pre-sell their products. Once product's sell, they are made on-demand just for you in the USA by the brand and their production partner.

How is it that your brands can avoid holding inventory?

Our brands use our proprietary production platform, N.A.bld, to manage quick-turn production and connected with vetted, no-minimum manufacturers. To learn more about our N.A.bld platform, visit www.nabld.com

Why do you only sell in pre-orders?

At Nineteenth Amendment, we believe in only making what sells. Our N.A.bld process and software makes it possible to do this within a reasonable timeframe and avoids deadstock inventory that ends up in landfills. Using this model also allows more products to get to market by helping brands launch with less up front cash requirements, because not all talented brands have unlimited cash-flow :)
We believe this is the most sustainable retail model out there.

What is a pre-sale?

Great question! A pre-sale is a window of time before a product is made in which you can get a discount by purchasing the product in advance. We call this voting with your wallet :) In a pre-sale each product is made on-demand just for you. Our typical pre-sales last 19 days during which time you can get between 10-40% off of the regular retail price and be one of the first to shop! We think pre-sales are the future of fashion and hope you agree! 

Pre-sales vs. Pre-order: What's the difference?

When a product is discounted on Nineteenth Amendment, it is on pre-sale. This is a special discount given to those who order a product when it is first released. After the pre-sale is over, a product may still be available for pre-order but at full retail price. At this retail price, the product is still made on-demand for the shopper.
Below is an item on pre-sale. You can tell because there is a discounted price for you to wait slightly longer for orders to be collected and put into production together:

We recommend buying during pre-sales for the best pricing!

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